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Links To Articles On Pregnancy And Sushi
To begin we would like to reprint the Mercury Levels - Which Fish Is Safe - list from FDA/EPA:
sushi linksThe U.S. Food and Drug Administration considers mercury levels below 1 part per million acceptable, though it warns against shark and mackerel, too. The Environmental Protection Agency has a lower threshold, about 0.2 ppm.
Tilefish 1.45
Swordfish 1.00
Shark 0.96
King mackerel 0.73
Largemouth bass 0.52
Tuna (fresh or frozen) 0.32
Tuna (canned) 0.17
Salmon 0
In the 1950s, women in Minimata, Japan, exposed to high levels in fish gave birth to children with grievous birth defects. Since then, it has become clear that even low levels of mercury exposure in women can cause neurological problems in their children, affecting language, hearing, and movement. Today, the Environmental Protection Agency estimates that 8 percent of American women of childbearing age have blood mercury levels that could endanger their children. As a result, over 60,000 children are born each year at risk of lifelong problems, according to the National Academy of Sciences. Young children also can be harmed by mercury in the food they eat, because their brains are still actively developing.
- Read the complete version of this article on food safety.
- Go to EPS esbite Mercury section, and read What You Need to Know about Mercury in Fish and Shellfish
2004 EPA and FDA Advice for:
Women Who Might Become Pregnant
Women Who are Pregnant
Nursing Mothers
Young Children

Be Cautious When Cooking
sushi linksWhen people eat raw, uncooked, or improperly or inadequately cooked/handled seafood, they are taking health risks. Microorganisms in raw seafood are hidden; sometimes, experts even have trouble detecting them. Freezing fish will only kill mature parasitic worms. The only way to fully kill worm eggs and other microorganisms is by fully and properly cooking fish. This is the best way to avoid any unwanted sickness. The safest way to enjoy sushi is to choose the fully cooked or vegetarian varieties, such as those that include cooked seafood [e.g., fully cooked eel (unagi) or shrimp (ebi)], vegetables [e.g., cucumber (kappa) maki], avocado (e.g., California roll), and other ingredients.
- from Columbia University
Some types of sushi, such as California rolls (which contain steamed crab) and cooked eel, are fine to eat while you're pregnant. But you should avoid eating the kinds that contain raw seafood, such as tuna...
sushi arrowWill I Be Able To Eat Sushi While I Breastfeed Without Any Risk To My Newborn?
One of the biggest myths surrounding breastfeeding is that there is a long list of foods that nursing mothers need to avoid. In reality, there are very few if any foods that all nursing mothers need to avoid. Certainly there are foods such as caffeine and alcohol that less is better than more, but for the most part, you are free to eat just about anything. Some general guidelines...
MiyamotoWebMD – Anything Fishy About Sushi?
I think sushi is generally safe for pregnant women. I looked through all of the medical literature and couldn't find any conclusive studies showing that sushi could harm a woman or fetus during pregnancy. And my pregnant Japanese patients tell me that women in Japan do eat sushi when they're pregnant, and that many books suggest eating it as part of a healthy, low-fat diet...
sushi linksWebMD – Supping On Seafood While Pregnant
Fish is a healthful alternative to red meat during pregnancy and supplies hefty amounts of the type of oils, called omega-3 fatty acids, needed for the development of your baby's vision and nervous system. However, some seafood is safer than others...
MiyamotoGinger And Miscarriage – Is It Okay To Drink Ginger Tea When You're Pregnant?
Small amounts of fresh ginger are probably okay, but large amounts of ginger may contribute to contractions of the uterus, and this may be more pronounced in women who have had a miscarriage...
MiyamotoFish: Not Always Safe For Moms-To-Be
The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is announcing its advice to pregnant women and women of childbearing age who may become pregnant on the hazard of consuming certain kinds of fish that may contain high levels of methyl mercury...
MiyamotoSushi Without Fish - Vegetarian Sushi (Essential Kitchens)
sushi and pregnancyA fun, flavorful alternative to traditional sushi, vegetarian sushi is sure to please even non-adventurous diners. With Vegetarian Sushi readers will learn everything needed to make this delicious sushi at home. Part of the popular Essential Kitchen series, this edition provides a wide variety of recipes focusing on sushi rolls, molded sushi, noodle sushi, omelet sushi, sushi in a bowl, as well as soups, sauces and pickles to accompany each dish. Specific recipes include Peach and Coconut Sushi Roll, Cucumber and Sesame Sushi Rolls, Spinach and Roasted Pine Nut Sushi Rolls, Pickled Plum and Brown Rice Rolls, Soba Noodle Sushi, Tofu Donburi, Miso Soup with Daikon and Carrot, and more.
MiyamotoVegetarian Sushi Made Easy
sushi and pregnancyWhen most Westerners hear the word "sushi", they think of nigiri-zushi, or "finger sushi", the super-fresh strips of raw filleted fish on top of a smal mound of vinegared rice. But finger sushi is just one of many kinds of sushi found in Japan, and Vegetarian Sushi Made Easy introduces over 40 recipes for delicious, safe, easy-to-prepare sushi made with vegetables instead of raw fish. The recipes use a wide variety of vegetables readily available in regular and Asian grocery stores, and the instructions are clear and simple, with ample diagrams illustrating preparation steps. Not only is vegetarian sushi very healthy - low in fat and high in fiber, vitamins, and minerals - but it is fun and easy to make.
Vegetarian Sushi Made Easy is the perfect introduction for all cooks, both amateur and experience, to the wide world of healthy, delicious sushi.

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